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Meeting Minutes

DCS Fellowship Meeting

April 1st, 2019


        I.            Jessica opened with Devotions and Prayer

      II.            Brandi read the minutes from February 6th meeting

    III.            Harriett gave the treasurers report

a.      Checking account balance is $204,254.92

    IV.            Administrative Report – nothing to report at this time

      V.            Old Business

a.      Reports from work groups completed

                                                              i.      Pot Pie Fundraiser

    VI.            New Business

a.      Upcoming Fundraisers

                                                              i.      Festival of Tables/Drama (4/27)

                                                             ii.      Parent/Senior Banquet

                                                           iii.      Ymker Greenhouse Gift Cards

                                                           iv.      School Cleaning July 22nd – 24th

  VII.            Other Business

a.      Purchase Requests

                                                              i.      Elementary teachers request for tactile math accessories  

1.      Motion made and passed to purchase accessories for $402.86

                                                             ii.      Elementary teachers request for Wonder Workshop Robot Pack

1.      Motion made and passed to purchase Pack if school board decides that it doesn’t fall under the funds already designated for technology

                                                           iii.      Possible laptop to be used by the fellowship treasurer for the purpose of QuickBooks, etc

1.      Motion made and passed to authorize officers to purchase laptop, quickbooks and accessories

                                                           iv.      Hot Lunch Helpers

                                                             v.      Leftover money from trophy cabinet being built by Dennis Kok   

1.      Roll money over into fellowship account

                                                           vi.      Next year fundraisers – keep the same, stress that it is important that chairmen come to fellowship meetings

                                                         vii.      Heating/Cooling System Update

1.      Motion made passed to pay remaining cost

VIII.            New Officer Elections

a.      President – Tiffany Sybesma

b.      Treasurer – Kirsti Muckey

c.       Secretary – Cassie Erickson

    IX.            Next Meeting – August

      X.            Adjourn and Prayer