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Meeting Minutes

Monday September 10, 2018

  1. Jessica opened with devotions and prayer
  2. Brandi read the By-Laws
    1. Wording needs to change in article V pertaining to the number of meetings held per year
    2. Harriett made motion
  3. Brandi read the last minutes from the April
  4. Harriet gave the treasurers report.  Checking account balance is $100,841.56
    1. $5222.73 needs to be deducted for trophy cases from Festival of Table profit
  5. Administrative Report - Nothing to report at this time
  6. Old Business
    1. Reports from previous fundraisers were reported
      1. Parent Senior Banquet was held in April - no one was present to report
    2. School Cleaning - Tiffany reported that it went well
      1. Next years school cleaning will be July 22nd - 24th
      2. Painting is school board business
    3. Find out which teachers need new chairs
  7. New Business
    1. Upcoming Events
      1. Harvest Sale will be September 20th
      2. Thunder Nation Volleyball Tournament will be October 13th
      3. Fall Fling will be November 3rd
      4. Dordt Hunt will be October 31st-November 3rd
      5. 5 Piano Christmas Extravaganza
        1. Kim Zomer is going to talk to the other pianists to see if this is an option.
        2. Harriett has volunteered to be in charge of this event
      6. Purchase Requests
        1. Motion made and carried to purchase leather folders for the music department
        2. Motion made and carried to purchase a food processor for the kitchen
        3. Motion made and carried to price new steam table or fix current unit
  8. Other Business
    1. Letter for new families to go along with mentor program
  9. Next Meeting will be November