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Meeting Minutes

Monday February 4th

  1. Jessica opened with devotions and prayer
  2. Brandi read the minutes from November 5th meeting
  3. Harriet gave the treasurers report. 
    1. Checking account balance is $203,002.67
  4. Administrative Report - Nothing to report at this time
  5. Old Business
    1. Reports from work groups completed
      1. BB Double Headers
      2. JH Boys basketball tournament
  6. New Business
    1. Upcoming Events
      1. Pot Pie Fundraiser February 14th
      2. Festival of Tables
        1. Set date for April 6th
      3. Parent Senior Banquet April 15th
      4. Ymker Greenhouse gift cards
  7.  Other Business
    1. Thrivent Protocol Use Sheet
      1. Do not use Thrivent card for food truck orders
    2. Purchase Requests
      1. Motion made and accepted to support the pledge of $90,000 to the 2019-2020 school year
      2. Motion made and accepted to raise money for a new school van at the Festival of Tables
      3. What to do with leftover pop and chips from past events
        1. Donate chips to hot lunch program and pop to whomever would like it
        2. Harvest sale donation letter for large out of town businesses has been completed and is being sent out
  8. Next Meeting will be April 1st at 7:00