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To God be the Glory


A Note From The Board...


The 2018-2019 school year is off to a GREAT start!  The following are some of the highlights:

Administration:  The administrative responsibilities have been divided between a CEO and a Head Teacher.  Mr. Boer, acting as CEO, teaches in the morning and performs his administrative duties during the afternoon.  He maintains a supportive Christian environment for all personnel, students, and constituents, keeps abreast of current State and Federal Statutes, maintains student and personnel records, meets with the board monthly, as well as numerous other duties.  Mrs. Veurink works half time in the morning as Head Teacher and Counselor. She makes regular classroom visits and reviews lesson plans, ensures that DCS maintains the new South Dakota requirements for graduation, and administers standardized testing. Both Mr. Boer and Mrs. Veurink report that this arrangement has made it possible to tend to their responsibilities more efficiently.

Security:  A new security system will be completely funded through a federal grant and will be installed soon.   Doors will remain locked during the school day but you can be let in through the front door by “buzzing” the office staff.  We are very grateful to Mr. Mitchell for applying for this grant.

Music:  Our band, under the direction of our talented director Mrs. De Jager, has been practicing its marching skills and some special effects.  These will be displayed at special upcoming events including the Missouri Valley Marching Festival in Platte on September 21 at 10:30 a.m. and the River City Band Festival in Chamberlain on September 28.

Financial Support Opportunities:

Dordt Pheasant Hunt:   This project has become an integral part of our financial support, raising a total of $211,147.55 in the last decade.  To become involved in the pheasant hunt this year or supply additional hunting opportunities, please contact Randy Niewenhuis (946-5095).

Harvest Sale: Our annual Harvest Sale will be held September 20 at the Dakota Christian School gym.  This auction features many local products as well as other donated items and services. Please attend this important night of fun and fellowship.

Website Contributions:  You can now provide financial assistance through a link on our website. Specific needs will be highlighted as well as an opportunity to provide general support.  For more information, please contact one of the board members.

Thanksgiving and Prayers:  We are thankful for a dedicated faculty and staff. We are blessed to have a team of Christians committed to providing a positive learning environment for our students.  We are also very thankful for the many volunteers and donors who work together to assist our staff and students. You are a very important part of our Christian school community.  

Please continue to pray for Dakota Christian School.  We desire God’s wisdom as we work together to fulfill our mission to “assist parents by providing education based on a biblical worldview, thereby enabling their children to grow in Christian wisdom, to nurture godly character, and to serve Christ as Lord.

DCS Board of Trustees


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AC/DC Cross Country

Hannah Hansum, Junior

Sept. 10, 2018

On September 6, the AC/DC Cross Country team traveled to Scotland to run. The meet was postponed from Tuesday to Thursday. They ran around the football field, park, and baseball diamond. Hannah and Isabella ran the varsity. Isabella placed 4th and Hannah placed 31st. Sonya, Peter, and Tony ran JV. Sonya placed 9th, Peter placed 4th, and Tony placed 14th. Kalee and Ryder ran in the junior high section. Kalee placed 3rd and Ryder placed 16th. They did amazing for their second meet and will run next monday, the 11th, in Pickstown for the Wagner meet,

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