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New Year, New Opportunities


As the 2017 calendar year gets underway, Dakota Christian School finds itself in interesting territory. Our theme for the school year is “Expect More”, and God has certainly upheld His end of the bargain. Our teachers are ramping up the expectations in the classrooms, and our students are responding with quality work. Our ‘October Harvest for DCS’ was an incredible success, as God showed Himself faithful to us to the tune of a quarter million dollar campaign. Our students and families raised $4,000 in December for a mission project in Guatemala, supplying funds for a soccer ministry to buy equipment and reach young Guatemalans with the Good News of the Gospel!

Now, God has presented us with an unforeseen opportunity. I received a phone call on January 2nd, asking me to attend a meeting the following evening to discuss a leadership event that would pertain to our students. Platte, South Dakota was selected as the very first venue for a series of revamped concerts/events to promote evangelism and leadership of young people as a priority. Leadership and evangelism training is offered to area youth, who then use those newfound skills to spread the Gospel and to invite friends to an event the following evening. Initially, I was invited to the meeting to see if we would be willing to promote the training portion of the event to our students. However, as the conversation continued, the focus shifted to finding a suitable venue to host the event the following evening. When all was said and done, in conjunction with the Platte area youth group, LifeLight Tours is bringing its ‘Z8 2017 Tour’ to Dakota Christian on Monday night, February 6th!

This free (yes, I said, FREE!) event will feature singing artists Remedy Drive and Bobby Bugattii and speaker Josh Brewer. The new twist is the addition of the Stunt Dudes SMX Team, a band of bicyclists who do various jaw-dropping tricks and stunts that will astound you! If you have ever watched the X Games…yeah, it’s like that! Most importantly, each individual who is a part of this event has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal LORD and Savior and are prepared to share the Gospel that evening. This is an event you will not want to miss!

God wants His people to be moldable and ready to be used by Him. When God presented this opportunity to us, we had the right people in place. Our Chapel coordinator, Mrs. Faller, was at the meeting with me, and if you know anything about her, when she is excited about something, that excitement is infectious! Our school board was ready and willing to host the event and accept whatever challenges we will need to face. I praise God for these men and women and their readiness to be utilized by God in this fashion.

We hope to see you on the 6th! Expect more!

In Christ,

Donald D. Mitchell
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Z8 Initiative Concert

Torrence DeBoer, 8th grade

February 6, 2017

On February 6th, Dakota Christian had the honor to host the Z8 concert. The guest of honors were Cade Thompson, Bobbi Bugattii, Josh Brewer, BMX bikers, and Remedy Drive. It was a great concert to give Jesus fame. It was a LifeLight Tour. Their first stop was Dakota Christian School. Z8 Initiative is a youth-lead movement. Researchers believe that Generation Z has an 8 second attention span. LifeLight believes they have an 8 second filter, a filter that searches for the melody of truth and love. Meaning we have 8 seconds to share with them the truth and love of Jesus Christ.  Z8 goals are that every young person who attends a Z8 event has a right to hear the Gospel of Jesus at every concert.

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