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To God be the Glory


The Great Locomotive Chase

Donna Veurink, Head Teacher

October 3, 2018

Dakota Christian’s talents and abilities were on full display last night for the Pancakes and Parade event put on by the DC band and community.  Not only were those in attendance treated to delicious pancakes and sausage, they were blown away by the focus and talent of the DC band’s marching performance “The Great Locomotive Chase”.  Besides that, family and community members experienced DC’s sense of humor through parade entries including local pastors as Shriners, staff members as Homecoming royalty, and CEO Jeremy Boer and custodian Joey Maas as political candidates.  It was a fun, awesome evening celebrating God’s generosity in giving out talent, punctuated by a billowing train whistle!

But the evening was much more than a showcase of God’s goodness to DC.  This was a message to the community that “We Are Here.” For those that have been involved in DC, this is not news.  They know the excellence that goes on here, and know of the committed outstanding staff that works hard to educate students, of parents who cook, clean, and take on the role of “Band Staff” when called upon.  We have a precious jewel in Dakota Christian.  Last night’s event was an invitation to others, an invitation to help us polish the gem that is DC.

 Will you join us? You can help by spreading the word of what you experienced.  DC strives to provide education based on a Biblical worldview. Like last night’s Parade, DC uses many roads to enable children to grow in Christian wisdom, to nurture Godly character.  Believe me, it’s a ride you will never regret, and you might even belly laugh along the way!


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AC/DC Cross Country

Hannah Hansum, Junior

Sept. 10, 2018

On September 6, the AC/DC Cross Country team traveled to Scotland to run. The meet was postponed from Tuesday to Thursday. They ran around the football field, park, and baseball diamond. Hannah and Isabella ran the varsity. Isabella placed 4th and Hannah placed 31st. Sonya, Peter, and Tony ran JV. Sonya placed 9th, Peter placed 4th, and Tony placed 14th. Kalee and Ryder ran in the junior high section. Kalee placed 3rd and Ryder placed 16th. They did amazing for their second meet and will run next monday, the 11th, in Pickstown for the Wagner meet,

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