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To God be the Glory


DEEP (Drop Everything Except Prayer) for DCS

Prayer is a constantly available weapon in a world increasingly stealing the hearts and minds of our children. Without Aaron and Hur’s support of Moses’ raised hands in prayer, the battle was doomed. With their support, God blessed the warriors with victory (Exodus 17:11-12). At Dakota Christian School, our children and school staff enter a tactical training center for facing the chaos of life in a world warped by sin. DEEP time is essential both inside and outside the training center so we seek your prayers daily. By way of suggestion, we offer this calendar for daily prayers. Please feel free to share this with any supporters of the mission of DCS. (Copies available in the office.)

1) Student Council / Student Spiritual Leadership

2) Preschool

3) Kindergarten

4) 1st Grade

5) 2nd Grade

6) 3rd Grade

7) 4th Grade

8) 5th Grade

9) 6th Grade

10) Junior High

11) Freshmen

12) Sophomores

13) Juniors

14) Seniors

15) Teachers / Title 1 / Parapros / Substitutes / Classroom Environment & Learning

16) Kitchen Crew / Volunteers

17) Maintenance Staff / DCS Facility Operation

18) Administrative Staff / Office Function / Guidance Counseling

19) School Board / Administrator Search & Hiring

20) DCS Scrip Program & Facilitators

21) Music Program / Worshipful Atmosphere in Performances

22) DCS Fellowship & Fundraising Events / Cattle Project

23) Parking Lot Safety / Transportation Safety / Transportation Availability 

24) Parents / Family Spiritual, Emotional, Physical Health

25) Chapels / Community Connection

26) Playground Safety / Relationships between Students & School Staff

27) Coaches / Sports Teams / Co-op with Andes Central

28) Buddy Groups / Mentoring Relationships

29) Ignite Week (Spiritual Emphasis Focus Week held last week of April)

30) Technology Function / Ethics / Protection / Staff

31) Alumni / Kingdom Impact of DCS

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Mrs. Donna Veurink


A dear friend gave me a framed picture that says “God gives us our memories so that we may have roses in December”.  And since I’m in the December of my years in education, I thought I’d share some of the beautiful roses God has given me.  (I don’t usually name names. However, if you were part of a memory below, feel free to name yourself.)

  • I wore a fabulous new red dress to the Dordt Band Festival one year. It was raining when we loaded up to go home, and I was out there, making sure instruments and instrumentalists were loaded…didn’t want to leave anyone or anything behind.  I was drenched when it was time to go home, but dried off/warmed up on the 3 hour drive home (I was driving one of the vans the school had borrowed.)  Back at school, I got out to find the gray upholstery of the driver’s seat in the borrowed van was now a beautiful shade of red.  Oops.
  • Driving home from my first Dordt Band Festival, I got stopped for speeding through Chancellor. I pulled over, and so did the caravan of vans behind me.  The patrolman was perplexed. He asked me what the deal was, and I told him.  After shining his flashlight around the interior of my vehicle, and seeing the teenage faces, I told him each van behind me was filled with similar faces. He let me go with a warning. I think of that every time I go through Chancellor…and I’m careful to SLOW DOWN.
  • Several fun memories come from one very full field trip…USD Music Museum and Nutcracker Suite Ballet at the Washington Pavilion.
    • Between the museum in Vermillion and the Ballet in Sioux Falls, we stopped at the larger-than-life replica statue of Michelangelo’s David in Sioux Falls.  Not a good idea to take adolescent boys to this.
    • Intermission at the Ballet…the students’ experience with “intermission” was half-time at a basketball game.  They acted accordingly.
    • After the ballet, I realized I had locked the keys in the van.  We waited 60 sleet-filled minutes for a locksmith to come to open it.  With some of the above mentioned adolescents. I’ll let you imagine what those minutes were like!
    • Got stopped for speeding in Parker after going 45 on icy country roads.  45 MPH is old-lady slow on country roads, but too fast for town, I guess. 
  • Took the7-12 instrumentalists to a region band competition in Gregory and found that my middle school-age drummers had forgotten their music.  To this day, they will tell you that I had told them I would bring their music. 
  • Played the wrong school song for an area school’s cheerleaders at district boys basketball games, with a standing-room-only crowd.  8 months pregnant.  In an orange/purple plaid jumper.  No one noticed---just kidding, it was mortifying.  EVERYONE noticed. 

Those are just a few flowers in my large rose garden…a garden this big will take a lot of time tend it. But oh, the benefits!  I get to enjoy all of them! If you wonder what I’m up to not at school, I’m enjoying my roses. 

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