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Grumpy Old Lady Comes to Jesus

Mrs. Veenstra-Kindergarten

Last month I wrote an article in the Newsletter about my favorite time of the day – the beginning and the end.  Soon after submitting the article, this event happened during the beginning of my day with the Kindergarten, First and Second grade students. 

We were just ready to begin devotions.  The day before, we were introduced to a mother and daughter who took the time to visit an elderly lady.  This lady was grumpy and upset that her children didn’t visit her.  The young girl thought the old lady was a grouch!  The girl was also confused because mom had told her they were going to share Jesus.  They hadn’t said one word about Jesus, all they had done was listen to the lady complain.  Mom said sometimes they just had to listen and they would visit the lady again.

As I walked into the classroom, I pretended to be the crotchety, old, lady, bending over my cane and talking in a crabby voice.  I had fully intended to read the devotional, but thought I would get into character and develop the mood for what the devotional was going to be about.  God had other plans.

“Now, what is this?” I grouched as I held up a Bible.  “It says it is the Holy Bible. What’s in this Bible anyway?”

“It’s about God.” A student said.  “And Jesus,” another student added. 

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Senior Spotlight

Rylan De Haai


Parents: Byron & Linda

Favorite subject area: Computer II

Favorite activity: Blacksmithing

Favorite Bible passage: John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for a friend."

Describe yourself in three words: short, blonde, sick

Best high school memory: the "Deskamid"

Favorite food: Mutton

What makes you laugh: Mrs. Feenstra's classes

Place I'd like to visit: Greece, Australia, or Britain

Next year plans: DSU for cyber operations

What do you dream of doing: professional chicken butcherer

Important way DC has strenthened my faith: The chapels really helped (Steve).

If I could change anything, I would: ....have worked harder during younger years.

The best advice ever given to me: Don't find poeple who will wait for you at the end of a trial; look for people who will walk through them with you.

Advice to underclassmen: Work hard. You'll be glad you did when you get to 12th grade.

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