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To God be the Glory


Parenting God's Children

Donna Veurink, Head Teacher

December 13, 2018


OK, I’ll admit it…I’m addicted to Facebook.  Maybe that dates me.  I don’t Twitter or do Instagram.  There’s nothing I like more than a relaxing evening in my recliner with my laptop (not my phone!) scrolling through Facebook.  In my scrolling recently I ran across a gem about parenting.  You maybe have seen it too…It was so good I’ll share it here.

Three Unbelievable Parenting Tips

 (1) Children need a minimum of 8 touches during a day to feel connected to a parent. 

If they’re going through a particularly challenging time, it’s a minimum of 12 a day.  Maybe it’s a kiss on the forehead as they leave for school, or a pat on the shoulder, or even a simple hug.  Create connection with your child (no matter how old!) through meaningful touch.

(2) Each day, children need one meaningful eye-to-eye conversation with a parent. 

The key is EYE CONTACT.  A meaningful conversation happens face to face, not side by side.  Your eyes are looking at your child, not at your phone, not at the stove-top, not at the pile of laundry.  Engage in conversation that includes eye contact from the time they are babies on up to and into adulthood. 

(3) There are nine minutes during the day that can have the greatest impact on a child.

·the first three minutes–right after they wake up

·the three minutes after they come home from school, and

·the last three minutes of the day–before they go to bed.

These are the times to love on them, to hug, to squeeze, to cherish.  We need to make those moments special and help our children feel loved. Put down your phone, supper plans, or whatever is occupying your attention and read a book to them, snuggle them, be with them.

There it is…easy peasy.  I know in reality life is not always that simple, but give it a try.  God has entrusted His children to you, and you can do an excellent job!  See…there’s great things on Facebook!


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