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To God be the Glory




When you are blessed to be a leader of an organization, you are always looking for things to tell people about the great things that are happening. Well, as we come to the end of first quarter, I am eager to share some of the exciting things that are happening at Dakota Christian School!

1)      As I visit classrooms on a regular basis, I see students engaged in learning and confronting the realities of God and His world. We are blessed with teachers and staff who want to see our students grow in the fear and admonition of Him, and I am humbled to be a part of this staff. If you are curious to see what is going on, drop by and set up a time to see our students and teachers in action!

2)      Our varsity volleyball team, at the writing of this article, currently stands at 21-5 and is enjoying a wonderful season. Pray for them as they prepare for postseason play.

3)      Hannah Hansum and Isabella Brouwer qualified for the state cross-country meet, which will be held in Rapid City on Saturday, October 21. Pray for them as they complete their final training for the state meet.

4)      Our 6-12 marching band has placed second in two separate competitions, one in Platte and one in Chamberlain. These students and their director, Karissa DeJager, have put in countless hours of practice, which paid off in their performances. We are extremely proud of this group of young men and women. Check out Mrs. DeJager’s band blog later in this newsletter for further details.

5)      At lunchtime, we all reap the benefits of our kitchen staff. Our head cook, Vonda Schulte, has planted a garden on the northwest area of our property, where we reap the harvest of fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables that end up on our lunch plates. Lunchtime is certainly one of the favorite times in the day of anyone who is a part of DCS! Come on by on Wednesday, November 15, as our lunch staff prepares a Thanksgiving feast for lunch, and experience the blessings for yourself!


Mr. Mitchell 

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More Than Just Pre-Calculus

Chase Pheifer, Senior

This year I have had the privilege of taking Pre-Calculus with Luke and Mr. Mitchell. It has been one of the hardest classes I have taken in all of high school, but it is extremely satisfying working out a complex problem and coming out with a (hopefully) correct answer. Along with learning mathematical concepts like De Moivre's theorem, Luke and I have also gotten to soak up some pop culture knowledge, sports opinions, and, every so often, wisdom from Mr. Mitchell. It’s a lot of fun being able to talk and learn with those two men. I’m grateful that I can connect with someone my age and someone a little bit older and wiser. I’m sure that class is something I will remember fondly for years to come.

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