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Next meeting: Thursday, September 7, 2023


The Fellowship is an organization of the parents and other supporters whose purpose, according to the bylaws, is to further the interest of Christian education through support and service to Dakota Christian School.  This membership team organizes fundraising events for the school and does service events (such as the Parent/Senior Banquet and school cleaning).

The name "Fellowship" was chosen carefully by a planning committee when the three Christian schools joined together at this current location.  The vision and goal of this committee were to have an organization that would be a support to the school financially and in service.  But the vision did not end there!  It is about getting to know people, families mingling, camaraderie, fun fellowship, and continual support of each other plus lifting this school family up in prayer.  Thus the name "Fellowship".

To keep a private Christian school going takes effort, support and sacrifice.  It is about the attitude of the heart to serve so the school prospers--not a "have to" attitude.  We encourage you not to lose sight the opportunity we have to send our children to a school with Christian education, values, prayer warriors backing it, and a family atmosphere.