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Kim Zomer

5-12 Vocal Music

Classes taught:

Vocal Music 5-12

Position description at DCS:

I teach vocal music for grades 5 – 12, including the high school choir, and general music classes for 7th-8th grades and 5th-6th grades.

Professional and Educational Background:

I graduated in 1988 from Trinity Christian College in Palos Heights, Illinois with a bachelor’s degree in English. Shortly after graduation I found myself teaching English and some Spanish at Dakota Christian High School. I only taught 2 years at that time, then started a string of diverse jobs, including being a florist and a newspaper journalist. After several years I went back to teaching as a music assistant in the Corsica Public Schools. I taught there 6 years and then moved with my family to Ada, Michigan. For 9 years I worked in our church as an office administrator and used my musical abilities to lend support to the worship. When we returned to South Dakota, I began part-time work at Corner Market in Corsica, as well as working with the administrative and worship coordination duties at our church. I now have added part-time music teaching at Dakota Christian School.


Childhood and Family Background:


I grew up in the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area, attending Ada Christian School and Grand Rapids Christian High. My family is in the excavation business so my growing up years were spent around lots of heavy equipment and dirt. But I always loved music and playing the piano so I’ve played anywhere and everywhere I get the chance to. I have a brother and sister who still live in the GR area with their families. My parents enjoy traveling so their visits to SD are sprinkled into their plans and we always look forward to that.


Church Life:

I attend the united churches of Corsica Christian Reformed and Grace Reformed in Corsica. One of the best ways I find to fully participate in worship is to help with the service planning and then play piano and lead choir and praise teams for the services. God surprises me again and again with the truth that He actually leads us to how He wants us to worship Him. He is so involved in the details of our lives!


Life Outside of DCS:

I continue to work 3 days a week at Corner Market aside from the 2 days I am at Dakota. I love the contact with community people as well as the wide variety of work I get to do there, from stocking shelves to working with the computer entry of sales.

Most important and enjoyable to me though is the time I get to spend with my family. We are thankful for the chance to travel to Michigan about once a year to visit friends and family there as well.


Why I Teach at DCS:

Christian education is close to my heart. I believe knowledge is a gift of God, and that He especially rejoices when we choose to see the world through His eyes. Teaching at DCS gives me the opportunity to be His hands and hopefully His voice teaching students to see the world of music through His eyes. I especially appreciate the chance to develop a love for music and sharing its message with an audience in an excellent way. I believe God calls us to live vibrant, excellent lives that glorify Him. Music is the perfect outlet to do that at even a very young age. As a Godly teacher though, I hope to teach students how to transfer that excellence to all areas of their lives