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Class of 2019

Alex Maas


Parents: Gary and Beth

Favorite Subject Area: Music

Favorite Activity: Football or riding horse

Favorite Food: Steak and mashed potatoes

Favorite Bible passage: Psalms 151

Describe yourself in 3 words: Big, Kind, Slow

Best high school memory: Just hanging out with my classmates.

What makes you laugh: Stupid humor

Place I’d like to visit: A different continent.

What have you done at dc that you really have enjoyed? Sports

Next year plans: Yep

What do you dream of doing: Many different things.

Important way DC has strengthened your faith: Prepared me to stand up for my faith in the real world.

The best advice ever given to you: Although you shouldn’t dwell on the past, don’t forget about it. You don’t want to make the same mistakes over and over.

Advice to underclassmen: Always try to find a positive side.





Kristen Maas


Parents: Marlin and Karen Maas

Favorite Subject Area: Faith and Life

Favorite Activity: Hunting with family and hanging out with family and friends

Favorite Food: Shrimp and Steak

Favorite Bible verse: Deuteronomy 31:8 "The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."

Desribe yourself in 3 words: Cheerful, Caring, Fun

What makes you laugh: The class 'Intro to Business' and pretty much anytime Trevor Timmerman talks

Place I'd like to visit: Europe

What have you done at DC that you have really enjoyed? Been on Chapel Committee, taking stats for basketball, and being on the track team

Next year plans: Attend college

What do you dream of doing: Being an anesthesthesiologist, living with my husband, who is a professional hunter, in our million dollar house raising our kids, and living our lives for Jesus.

Important way DC has strengthened your faith: Through the chapels we have and all the great Christian teaches who encourage us daily in our Christian walk

The best advice ever given to you: "Don't be a settler." Work hard to achieve your goals.

Advice to underclassmen: Don't let fear stop you from stepping outside of your comfort zone.







Sidney Muckey


Parents: Joel and Kirsti Muckey

Favorite Subject Area: History

Favorite Activity: Sports

Favorite Food: Any type of pasta

Favorite Bible verse: Zephaniah 3:17

“The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in His love
He will no longer rebuke you, But will rejoice over you with singing.”

Describe yourself in 3 words: Bubbly, Awkward, Organized

Best high school memory: All the Lock-ins

What makes you laugh: My friends

Place I’d like to visit: Bora Bora

What have you done at DC that you really have enjoyed? Gone to a lot of sports games

Next year plans: As of right now, Elementary Education and Special Education

What do you dream of doing: To influence someone for the better

Important way DC has strengthened your faith: Has given me a great education that has prepared me for my future

The best advice ever given to you: Choose your friends with caution; Plan your future with purpose and frame your life with faith.

Advice to underclassmen: Enjoy highschool; it goes faster than you think.




Dillon De Haai                                                              

 Parents:  Byron & Linda De Haai

 My favorite Bible passage:  Psalm 23                                       

 Favorite subject area:  Math     

 Favorite Activity:  Fixing and/or making things

 Describe yourself in three words:  Ambitious, goofy, fun

 Best high school memory:  Roaming the school

 Favorite food:  Chocolate

 What makes you laugh:  Pointless jokes

 Place I’d like to visit:  Alaska

 What have you done at DCS that you’ve really enjoyed:  Had study halls with fellow students

 What do you dream of doing:  Farming

 Important way DCS has strengthened my faith:  Gave me lots of biblical knowledge.

 If I could change anything, I would:  I would have tried harder earlier on

 Best advice ever given me:  If you want something to be fun, make it fun instead of complaining how it is not fun.




Pearce Vander Pol


Parents: Chad and Shauna Vander Pol

Favorite Subject Area: Math

Favorite Activity: Driving around with friends

Favorite Food: Anything

Favorite Bible verse/passage: Philippians 4:13

Describe yourself in 3 words: Country, Republican, Wild 

Favorite high school memory: Driving around with friends.

What makes you laugh: Good jokes

Place I’d like to visit: Texas

What have you done at dc that you really have enjoyed? I have enjoyed having little buddies and seeing there face light up when we are with them.

Next year plans: I plan to attend Mitchell Technical Institute for Diesel Power Technology.

What do you dream of doing: One day I dream about building a drag car and several diesel rat rods for fun.

Important way DC has strengthened your faith: Many personal testimonies have been given at our high school chapels. These stories have really made me grow closer to God.

The best advice ever given to you: Ivan Van Dusseldorp was a my math teacher my junior year and he said “ I do not care if you don’t get anything out of this math class. If you don’t know this math by the end of the year it doesn’t matter to me, but if you can take something out of my talks about God and he saves you that's all I care about.” This wonderful man showed me that I need to look for God in every aspect of my life.  

Advice to underclassmen: Do not waste all your time on school work and homework, but do not slack in your school work either. Over achieving at school and doing nothing but school work will make you miss out on a lot of fun opportunities with friends. Do not accept less than all f your ability. Doing something just to get it done does not make you feel like you tried. Just try never give up.