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Order Form:

Order Form

Enrollment Form:

Enrollment Form


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Scrip Update


Orders Due: June 11, at 8:30 am

Upcoming Dates:  

 July 16, August 20


Local Retailer Information:


Deadline for ONLINE ORDERS using Presto Pay is midnight Monday night, before the Tuesday order day. (for local & physical cards)

PAPER ORDERS must be submitted by 8:30am. Please, no late orders!!

Hoffman Drug will no longer be using certificates; scrip credit will be put directly on your account at the store.

To simplify your ordering without the hassle of getting your order to school, visit the website and sign up for online ordering!


If a retailer is not listed on the order form, you can add it in the blank spots.


Order forms are available for download here.  If you are unable to obtain an order form, please call Joan at 337-3148 or Val at 243-2241.  You can bring orders to school by 8:30 Tuesday morning or send it in.  Early orders are welcome and encouraged.

Scrip makes great gifts and easily slips into cards!


Be sure to check for participating retailers.  There are 100's.  You may purchase any you'd like by writing into the blanks at the bottom of our order form.


Early orders are appreciated.


If a retailer is not listed on the order form, you can add it in the blank spots.


Be sure to check for participating retailers. There are 100s!! You may purchase any you'd like by writing them into the blanks at the bottom of our order form.


We will NOT be sending scrip order forms home with the grade school kids; all DCS parents will receive an order blank via email.  The order blank will be sent as an attachment about a week and a half before the order date and then also again a few days before the order is due with any new updates.  Order blanks will also be available in the DCS office, in back of the churches and also on the DCS website under Scrip. This change is being made to eliminate the waste of paper and ink.  If you know of other DCS supporters who would like to be added to the email list, please forward this message on or let us know.  If you have any question, you can call or email us: Joan Niewenhuis at 3337-3148 or Val at 243-2241 Thanks for all your support!


Just a reminder regarding vouchers- please present your voucher to the business at the time of purchase.  Please be respectful of businesses’ guidelines when using vouchers.  Be sure to turn the pink copy in to us.


About local business participation: Business participation is essential to our scrip program.  We encourage parents to keep their business local!


Scrip makes great gifts and easily slips into cards!


The Scrip Team

How to Order Scrip


1.      An Enrollment form (both pages) must be completed and signed.  Dakota Christian Scrip needs to know who receives the tuition credit.  If you have NOT filled out an enrollment form and would like to order, please send a completed form with your first order.


2.      Order Blank:

a.    Top section must be completed.

b.    Indicate quantity of each business's scrip and dollar amount you wish to purchase.

c.    Total the dollar amount and write one check payable to Dakota Christian Scrip Program.


3.     Send order blank and check to school with your child by 8:30 am on the order date.  Be sure to include enrollment form if you have not already done so.  NO LATE ORDERS ACCEPTED!


4.     Dakota Christian Scrip Program will order the scrip certificates.  Incomplete or incorrect scrip orders will not be processed. You will receive your certificates the Monday following order date.


5.     Scrip certificates will be sent home with your child in a 6x9 manila envelope. Please check the order for accuracy.  These manila envelopes will be used to submit orders and to return scrip certificates to you.  Hang on to it!


6.     We are pleased to have local businesses be a part of our program. Local businesses can and will be added as they sign up. Each business may have their own guidelines listed on their certificates;please honor these requests.


7.     If possible, help us simplify the bookkeeping process by consolidating family orders.  In other words, grandparents, aunts, and uncles etc. who are funding a student’s tuition should order through the family they are supporting.


8.     Supporters of Christian Education can also be a part of the program.  An enrollment form must be signed to indicate the family receiving tuition assistance or to support the DCS General Fund.  Scrip order forms should be brought to DCS or mailed to Dakota Christian Scrip Program, (37614 SD Hwy 44, Corsica, SD 57328) and reach us by 8:30 am on the order date.  You must call Val Vanden Hoek (243-2241) or Joan Niewenhuis (337-3148) to make arrangements for delivery.