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Jenna Masur

Classes taught:
I currently teach 7/8 English, 9/10 Bible, 11/12 British Lit, 9/10 Compostion, 9/10 World Lit, 7/8 Lit.


Position description at DCS:
Junior high language arts teacher 9/12 Literature teacher


Professional and Educational Background:
After graduating from Winner High School in 2004, I pursued a degree in English education at Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, South Dakota.  I graduated in 2008 with a bachelor’s degree and began my first journey as a teacher in Alexandria, South Dakota at Hanson High School.  I taught 8th, 9th, and 11th grade English, 12th grade literature, and an ACT prep course.  I also had the experience of teaching 9th grade English at Milbrook Colony.  I began teaching at Dakota Christian in 2009 after getting engaged, and it’s definitely been a blessing!


Childhood and Family Background:
I was born and raised in Winner, SD.  I currently live in Geddes, SD with my husband, Travis, who farms and has a hay hauling business with his dad and brother.  We have two sons, Max and Ty, who are such a blessing and joy to our lives.


Church Life:
While living in Winner, I attended the Missouri Synod Lutheran church.  My husband is a very devout Catholic, and ever since we dated, I attended church services with him in Mitchell at Holy Family Catholic Church and now in Geddes at St. Anne’s Catholic Church.  I believe that attending church as a family is so important and I have learned so much from my husband regarding his faith and religion.


Life Outside of DCS:
When I’m not teaching, I’m usually doing something family oriented.  I love spending time with my husband; in fact, we have recently begun playing in our second pitch tournament together in Geddes!  I’ve learned that you have to create your own fun when living in a small town.  I also continue to travel to Mitchell quite often to spend time with my mom; I even call it my home away from home!  After moving into my husband’s bachelor pad (literally) I like to keep myself busy decorating, painting, and of course buying!  I have a love for shopping and sometimes consider it a problem, as do most women!  A good book, movie, and “occasional” workout generally will suite me as well.


Why I Teach at DCS:

When I was applying for teaching positions during my last semester of college, I included a teaching philosophy on my resume that read something like this, “I strongly believe that all students have gifts and talents and it is my goal to find and observe those gifts and apply them to everyday life including school work.  After all, content is never understandable unless you can make it reality.”  After being blessed with the opportunity to serve students at Dakota Christian School, my teaching philosophy or “faith statement” as I like to refer to it now reads, “All students were specially made in the image of God and he has granted each one unique and extraordinary talents.  My goal as a Christian teacher is to show students how to use and apply these gifts spiritually while giving service to our Lord.”  As you can see, the idea of my teaching philosophy and faith statement are the same, but the manner in which I apply these ideas is evidently different.  Without explanation, I feel this proves how Dakota Christian School has blessed and positively changed me not only as a person, but as a teacher.


Although I had teaching experience, I did not have experience as a Christian educator.  I had noticed and observed other teachers around me at DCS and was amazed and in awe at their dedication, enthusiasm, and commitment to Christian education.  In a sense, I felt like I was in a maze, not quite sure how to start, or what direction to take.  I thought to myself, “How can I live up to these teachers with their influential prayers and teaching styles?”  Through the help and guidance of prayer and a few anonymous people, I learned that a Christian teacher’s responsibility is to be a role model by showing students how to live righteous lives through my own actions.  Now I can verbally state how the Lord has worked wonders and miracles in my life without feeling nervous or embarrassed and I have the opportunity to use the power of prayer any time of the day I want!