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Jody Van Zee

Position description at DCS:

1st/2nd Grade


Professional and Educational Background:

I graduated from Unity Christian High school in 1992. I graduated from Dordt College in 1996. I taught 1st /2nd grade at Alameda Christian School in Alameda, CA for 2 years after graduation.    I began teaching at New Holland Christian School in the fall of 1998. When New Holland Christian combined with DCHS to make Dakota Christian School I continued on as their 1st/2ndgrade teacher.


Childhood and Family Background:

 I grew up on a farm near Maurice, IA. I am the second child of four. My dad was a farmer and my mom was a fulltime homemaker. 

I married a widower, Bruce Van Zee, in 2000 and became both a wife and a mom to his three children (Joshua, Kendra, and Zachary). God made us a family and for that we are thankful. In 2003 we were blessed with our youngest child, Brandon, who attends DCS. Another blessing was added to our family in 2010, our beautiful granddaughter, Roxanne Leigh.  Joshua lives in Sioux Falls and sells Kirby Vacuum cleaners. Kendra lives in Platte with her daughter Roxanne, while taking online courses for graphic design. Zachary stays active participating in many extra-curricular activities at DCS.


Church Life: 

My family and I attend New Holland Christian Church. I enjoy attending the Bible Studies offered at our church. I am currently serving on the church education committee.


Life Outside of DCS:

When I am not busy with school I am an avid fan of Zach’s sporting events.   Reading is my way to relax and I enjoy the opportunity to sit down with a good book. I also love to fix puzzles, play games, and of course spend time with my granddaughter. Going back to IA and spending time with family on the farm is always something that I look forward to.   I am a country girl at heart. 


Why I Teach at DCS:

I believe that God created this entire world. I believe that we are all sinful and are saved by the grace of God. I believe that God sent His Son into this world to die on the cross and bring us salvation. The Bible is the true Word of God which has been given to us as a guide for our lives. Jesus is my comforter, Savior, and ever-present friend. I am thankful each and everyday for His presence in my life. Psalm 46 is my favorite Psalm. I especially love Psalm 46:1. It states, “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” God is my Rock! He is the sure foundation of my life. Even when I feel that I can’t go on, He picks me up and carries me to a place of peace. 

I love DCS and I love teaching! The Bible says that some are called to be teachers. I truly feel that teaching is my gift from God. I know that I am in no way a perfect teacher, but I do have a perfect Savior who guides me each day as I teach his chosen treasures. I can’t imagine doing anything else each day. I try to let my light shine by portraying the love of Christ to my students. I know we all fail and fall short. We need to remember though, that God washes away our sins. It is my comfort knowing that I never enter my classroom alone but that Jesus walks beside me each and everyday. It is important to me to have my students see Jesus’ love bubbling out of my life.