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Environmental Science Projects

Kami Pheifer 

Water Cycle

Kami will be putting together a presentation and will then present it to the kindergarten class. She will explain the whole process of the water cycle and why it is a necessary process for life on earth.

Luke Kaemingk

Earth Day

Luke will be putting together a presentation about Earth Day and presenting to several of the younger classes on the elementary wing. He will explain when earth day is, why we have earth day, and what it is all about.

Megan Mudder

Clothes drive

Megan Mudder will be putting on a clothes drive here at Dakota Christian School for girls down in Guatemala. All are welcome to donate clothes. She will then pack them up in suitcases and Brooklyn Vander Pol will be taking them down to Guatemala. The clothes will be given to girls that have been in sex trafficking.

Dillon DeHaai

Beach Cleaning 

Dillon DeHaai has decided for his project that the environmental science will be taking a day and cleaning both beaches by Snake Creek. After picking up trash the class will then sort the items out and will recycle cans and paper, and the rest will go in the trash. Byron DeHaai will be going with the class as a supervisor to keep everything on track.

Reduce Reuse and Recycle

Pearce Vander Pol

The Environmental Science class is doing an event where each student has to pick something to draw awareness to or help the environment in almost anyway. The kids will pick out a separate project to do and carry out their plan. I think that this is a very cool opportunity to draw awareness to recycling and environmental problems. If interested in what projects the classes will be doing, check back on the website to know more.